Car Air Conditioning Diagnostic Process

When your car air conditioning isn’t working the way it should, or isn’t working at all, you need to seek professional help to find out why.

At CMS Auto Air, we’re the car air conditioning specialists, and we have a proven air conditioning diagnostics process to quickly find and repair the fault.

We provide vehicle air conditioning repairs, services and re-gassing for all vehicle makes and models.

Check for the presence of refrigerant gas, determining if the refrigerant (gas) levels are correct

Our AC System Diagnostics

Our fully equipped mobile service vehicles can visit you and provide advanced diagnostic services to determine where and what the problem is with your car air conditioning.

We will:

  • First establish if the air conditioning system is operational
  • Investigate if the system is malfunctioning because of a lack of gas or a third party influence like a heater not turning off or an electrical failure
  • Identify what refrigerant type your air conditioning system is operating on
  • Check for the presence of refrigerant gas, determining if the refrigerant levels are correct
  • Carry out a full leak test and advise of any component failures that have been discovered
  • Advise of all the options and costs involved in getting your air conditioner operational and cooling efficiently again
  • Carry out a final leak test on the repaired system before we leave your vehicle
  • Advise you of our complimentary Black Light Inspection (BLI), if needed, to be carried out after two weeks operation
  • Give you full instructions and explanation of all the controls and their positioning as well as the most efficient way to operate your air conditioning to achieve the best possible cooling
  • Recommend how often the system should be run to minimise natural attrition of the refrigerant gas

Your Car Air Conditioning Diagnostics Specialists

At CMS Auto Air, all we do is car air conditioning, and we do it very well. We’re your local AC system diagnostics specialists, and with our proven and established process, we’ll quickly be able to get your car air con running as it should be.

Call us on 0419 650 111 or fill out our online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you with advice on all your car air conditioning repairs and servicing.


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