VW Air Conditioning Repairs

Know more about VW air conditioning repairs

Volkswagen is one of the leaders in car air conditioning comfort and has adopted the latest mobile air conditioning technology into their range of vehicles. Variable speed compressors are used to maintain a constant cabin temperature and improve driveability and fuel economy.

Even the best technology and components will wear over time, and VW air conditioning does occasionally have faults with the control valve located in the compressor.

As a Volkswagen driver, you might have noticed your air conditioner’s cooling performance slowly fade away, suddenly stop or intermittently play up, and it could well be the control valve that’s to blame.

Most of our competitors will recommend replacing the compressor, and in a small amount of cases this is true, but in many cases it is completely unnecessary.

VW Air Conditioning Repairs by CMS Auto Air in Newcastle

The process

At CMS Auto Air, we’ll run a full diagnostic, check the gas charge in your VW, run the air conditioning, and test the pumping condition of the compressor.

We check the refrigerant gauges that are connected to the cars air conditioning service ports. If the compressor is not pumping efficiently, we separate its operation from the car and manually control it with a special tool known as an ECV control unit, which allows us to determine if the compressor is faulty and needs replacing.

You could save thousands of dollars

In almost all cases with the Tiguan, Passat, Golf, Polo, and Jetta, this fault can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new compressor, saving you thousands of dollars.

At CMS Auto Air, we can diagnose and complete this repair for you. We have mobile service vans that come to your home or work place and carry out your VW air conditioning repairs.

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