Subaru Air Conditioning Forester/Impreza Repairs

Subaru air conditioning repairs explained

Like many car manufacturers, common issues arise in some Subaru models. With the Forester models from late 2007 onwards we have noticed that this model tends to suffer from some generic failures. When car owners enquire about getting a car air conditioning service or a regas, we carry out a system test and integrity checks where we can find deeper problems.

Subaru air conditioning repairs in Newcastle 

Evaporator failures

A common problem found during the diagnosis process of is a leak at the evaporator core. The Forester, WRX and IMPREZA models all use the same Subaru AC parts, meaning this is a common issue across all three models.

If, for whatever reason, this problem was unable to be detected during the normal testing and diagnostic process, then we would advise the use of a UV dye. This dye is injected into the Subaru air conditioning system to further assist in the detection of any possible gas leaks.

Repairing evaporator leaks

Evaporator leaks are not a repairable issue and generally requires the part to be replaced with a new core. We recommend the use of an aftermarket part being used as generally the part is upgraded to eliminate any generic flaws. Some repairers may not have the diagnostic skills to detect the fault and unknowingly carry out a regas, which will result in unnecessary costs you wouldn’t have to incur if the problem was immediately detected and resolved.

Regassing a fatigued evaporator core in a Subaru air con system will almost always reduce the time frame between regasses. This causes the leak to leak quicker following the regas, as once regassed, the leak receives full system pressure on the weak point, generally stretching or tearing the existing site of the leak.

Avoid “leak stop” fixes

Some repairers may insist on the use of a so called “leak stop”, but this is an example of the old saying: if it seems like it’s too good to be true it generally is. They might argue that this will seal the leak, saving thousands of dollars but it simply doesn’t work. If anything, the additive used in the leak stop tends to cause additional problems for Subaru AC parts. When that happens, the whole system needs to be dismantled to flush out all the residue of the “leak stop”.

Almost all new condenser cores now feature a multi-flow design, with multiple flow circuits in each pass of the condenser’s cores. This means there is a chance the condenser core will need to be replaced after flushing the whole system as doing so can lead to inefficient operation and failures. Flushing also causes damage to Subaru AC condensers which may also need to be replaced. When this happens, a simple job has spiralled out of control, costing way more than was initially necessary to restore the function of the Subaru air conditioning system.

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At CMS AutoAir, we have the correct equipment to allow us to accurately diagnose difficult to find leaks. Over the years, our experts have pulled out many dash assemblies for this type of repair and can quite confidently assure you that we can complete the repairs with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

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